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Twitter's had all my updates lately. Anything more than 140 characters is too much to think about.

The big news: Jane and I are moving. We've been looking around for ages for somewhere to move to and we spotted a house that looked good on paper - off the beaten track (I am SO fed up of our house vibrating with the lorries that go past), proper off-road parking, nice and ticked all the right boxes. We went to view it and I think we both felt the same - it's perfect.

This is the house on the agency website.

Rent is significantly cheaper than our current place, council tax is significantly cheaper too! The only downside from my point of view is that it is about 20 minutes further away from my current employer. However I don't mind this - the savings we are making will pay for the extra petrol, I am certain.

We move on the weekend of the 10th April. We have a van hired and will be doing it ourselves. I looked into the cost of someone doing it for us and was horrified! If we were going a long distance I might not mind paying £600+, but we're going about 20 miles! We don't have any majorly huge furniture, I estimate that we can do the job in 2 runs if the van's big enough (it should be a long wheel-base sprinter or equivalent), 3 if not.

The hardest thing is going to be getting stuff in at the other end! Going in the back, there is a set of 7-8 fairly steep steps, and the front you can see in the picture here:

It's going to be a hell of a week - because the week we move is also show week. The timing of this move is both perfect and awful. I had the week of the show and the week before booked off work anyhow, the current tenancy runs out on the 13th April, and the current landlord wanted to increase our rent. Everything just seemed to happen at the right time. Sunday will be the worst because we have a technical rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, which screws up one of our biggest opportunities.

Our house is currently resembling a minor disaster area. The small bedroom has been emptied and turned into a box room, containing nothing but boxes of books and a bed! The living room contains several bin-bags full of either recycling, charity shop donations or rubbish, an old ironing board and the components of some self-assembly furniture that we're disposing of. The kitchen contains boxes. So many boxes!

I think we're where we need to be with packing. The books are packed, and they're often the worst thing, second perhaps to the kitchen, or maybe clothes.

I have been doing some work around the house - stuff like replacing the sealant in the bathroom, touching up some paintwork where it has been knocked or scuffed. I don't know if the landlord expects that but I'd rather do it, when it costs pennies and a little time, rather than not do it and have them try to charge us for it.

In non-house moving news, the show (Annie Get Your Gun) proceeds apace, and I think again we're where we need to be. There's 2 weeks (3/4 rehearsals) now before the show starts and things are relatively smooth. I need to do some work on not losing my damned voice yet again, I've now lost it twice in a month - though I suspect the reason for it this time is that I never quite recovered from the first problem.

Work is work, is work. I've been getting involved recently with some stuff that's involved some direct contact with the directors, which is both good and bad. Good because it may once and for all make someone realise that I can do more than I am most of the time, and bad because the kinds of things that tend to come from the directors are frequently pains in the asses and involve lots of time spent listening to people whinge. Not something I'm good at or something I want to waste my time with. You got a problem you want fixing? Let me fix it instead of complaining at me about the fact it's not fixed yet.

And as a parting comment: Toblerone Cookies are both delicious and addictive.
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