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I really expected the skip to be gone.

But then again I guess his responses should have told me otherwise. I said "That skip really needs to be moved, it's really messing us up" and his response was "I didn't ask them to put it there".

WELL THEN! It's all gravy, right? You didn't ask them to put it there and when you found they've blocked access to several properties you were immediately on the phone to them? I'm guessing by your response to my next comment - "It's got to be moved because it's really messing with the parking, we've got at least 4 extra cars trying to fit into no more spaces out front" was even better...

"You're just telling me the obvious now aren't you?".

HELL YES! So obvious that you got it fixed right away? Ah, no. Now I see. So obvious that it as it doesn't affect you, it doesn't matter a damn to you.

You wouldn't believe that this guy is late 40s early 50s, by his complete lack of anything intelligent to say. You know if I was starting what appears to be fairly major construction work, I would at least have the courtesy to mention it to my neighbours. I would at least mention that they're planning on doing work to the party wall. I would at least apologise if a company that I hired restricted access to other peoples' property so much...

I'm hopping mad and can't do anything about it directly. I've been trying to think of things I CAN do but all of them are so over the top I'd feel I was putting something at risk, or so petty. I wonder... can you be done for criminal damage to something which (by virtue being fixed on to your property) is at least partly yours?
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I now discover that they've either pulled or knocked off the end of our guttering on the extension. This means that the water is no longer draining where it's supposed to, but dribbling out the end of the guttering onto the top of the new wall, but also down the side of our extension. This is a recipe for a dampness disaster. As well as this, the wanker has put the skip for all their rubbish blocking access to our off-street parking and back garden. And he's not there go to and yell at.

On top of that, yet another git decided to park in front of our house when I went out for 20 minutes. I wouldn't do it to you - please don't do it to me.
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I just went outside to get some rolls out the freezer, and found a random, very unexpected addition to a wall has popped up between our garden and the neighbours'. This has only popped up today, and frankly I am rather annoyed. The neighbour in question hasn't mentioned any plans to add such a wall and hasn't asked us if it may affect us in any way.

In fact it rather does affect our downstairs loo - being rather dark at the best of times, this wall will block out a substantial amount of light.

I'm tempted to go round their door right now and demand an explanation.

I think I might pop round tomorrow and explain the concept of boundaries, and what you can/can't do to a shared wall without permission. I suspect what they've done may require planning permission and may be able to at least inconvenience them. What is it with neighbours being selfish arses?

[EDIT: agrees that they should have got permission first, though not necessarily from us, from the property owner...]
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This evening I haven't stopped since coming in the door. I have:

  • Cleaned out and hoovered the car
  • Moved the bikes around to give us more space
  • Watered the new grass seed
  • Weedkilled the weeds
  • Ant poisoned the ants
  • Washed up
  • Got the doorstop out at last
  • Put out rubbish
  • Tested Jane's emergency tyre pump
  • Cooked dinner

Yay for evenings alone and no distractions, and the threat of an impending parental visit!

I'm now relaxing in front of BSG.

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We get a fairly regular supply of wide loads coming down our road on Sunday mornings. I'm not sure where they come from or where they go. I keep on saying I'll follow them one day but never quite get round to it. Normally they're huge white metal boxes, but just to be difficult today's was huge, white and fabric/plastic wrapped.

I apologise for the dirty window. It doesn't open and I'll be damned if I'm paying someone to clean them.

Large-ish pics behind the cut )
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Tomorrow/Today I have an interview for a support/testing position in Chester. I mentioned it ages ago and had assumed it fell by the wayside, but no - I got a call on Friday last week asking if I could do an interview.

It's a small company who develop book-selling and inventory software. It's apparently very popular, and used all over the place.

I could deal with this job. It's in Chester, for a start. It's a very small company who are well established, it's a product with a limited (or perhaps restricted is a better word) user-base. The role would also encompass testing, which perhaps leave room for future maneouvre.

If this job happens, it would put Jane and I in a better position to look at buying something local, or even heading further south. The south thing would be good for OMTC, as the 60 mile round trip is wearing at best, especially when rehearsal is as much hard work as it was tonight. It really felt like some people were out to make life difficult for the directors. Whether they actually were or not I don't know but it absolutely felt that way.

Tonight I can't sleep. I am exhausted, but overtired! The next step is to make a small hot chocolate and go flump.
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Fun, up to a point. When the F-whatever-fighter jet starts bombing the freeway it just turned ridiculous. And WHY did they have to have "that" line in it? *sighs* Otherwsie good escapist fun :)

In other news, another lamb leg, another success :)

In more news, reading people's blogs when you haven't had any contact with them for a number of years is making me feel - let's say - stalkerish. It's weird, though, to see stuff like that.

Bought 3 CDs today after our llittle jaunt round the cirty walls of Chester. I _swear_ it wasn't raining when I looked out the window before we set off. We got soaked. Drenched, even. More than deserving of a latte and half a muffin.

I bought the Zutons (Who Killed the Zutons), Classical Chillout (Yeah I knoiw, but it was all of £3) and the Alternative Album, which appears to be from the same people responsible for "The Best....... In the World" series. Looks good. Haven't listened yet but looks are important, right? ;)

This weekend should have involved tidying the house. It hasn't, really. It mainly involved ant destruction (never do what the bottle says... "Squeeze firmly" really doesn't mean what it says. Not when the nozzle of the bottle comes off and leaves half the bottle on your pathway), replacing the 100w bulb in my standard lamp (the old one was over 6yrs old, not bad really - it didn't burn out, the casing and contacts fell apart probably due to the effects of the heat!), mopping, hoovering and other such delicacies. Oh, and EVENTUALLY getting bathroom storage so we now don't have a box full of Jane's crap sat in the bathroom.

Work has been evil the last two weeks or so. Unfortunately we were a team of 5. Now we're a team of 4. As holidays were all planned in advance when we had 5, 2 people a week have been off for some points. On top of that, another person went on Paternity leave for 2 weeks..... From 25th-29nd of June it was just me, and the other Phil who helped out - thanks Phil. From the 2nd-6th July it's just been me and Anthony, again with help from Phil.

I've been absolutely exhausted. This has been so draining and I wish I wish I wish I could just have said no, I won't do it, but what are you supposed to do? Just get on with it and hope the eejits all sod off. I try so hard not to get annoyed at them when they've waited 15mins and wasted their time and my time for some piddly thing that if they'd got their arses into gear and looked in a manual.... ahh well that's a whole rant on it's own.

Time for bed...
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I'm your friendly sailor-boy from New York, a hard-working boy who likes to break out into song while fantasizing about girls named Jenny, or Sadie.

Tonight was auditions for minor & chorus parts for OMTC's production of Anything Goes. I auditioned for the part of a sailor in the Sailor's quartet and have been given the part, yay.

In other news, we have a sofa! A real honest-to-goodness sofa rather than my old Ikea Beddinge beast which is OK, but well... not very good. We now have gone up in the world and have an Ikea Ektorp with a Leaby red sofa. Jane posted a pic in her journal which I shall pinch and post at some time. We also have put up pictures of Auchindoun Castle that the absolutely adorable [ profile] albatros and [ profile] ruthytoothy gave us for a housewarming present, and one of llanrhaeadr waterfall from Jane's parents for same. Both are lovely.

When did I last update anyhow? Oh dear... May 18th. I've really let this go, haven't I?

I've had 2 auditions lately, one to join the society and one for the show. The one for the society went horribly badly to begin with, as I just couldn't find the note I wanted to start on damnit. Slightly nervous I was. The one for the show went much better, except that somehow I'd got the impression that I didn't need to move or dance to audition for the role I was going for, but I was supposed to. Uhhhm. Oops. It went horribly :) The other bit that I was expecting was much much better.

Work is work.
Well, that's not quite true. Work is getting hectic and busy again. We lost one of our people recently. Lost in the worst sense. He didn't come in one day and didn't call in, and the guy he started with (an old work colleague from a previous company) got worried because he couldn't get hold of him on the phone. When he went round to his house and got the cops to break the door down he was found dead on his bed. Apparently heart disease took him, not an attack or anything so drastic.

So until we get someone else it's back to how it was, nastily busy and nasty. I like having time to recover between idiots and don't deal well if it's constant.

If I don't see change in the direction I want in the next 6 months or so I'm going to start looking elsewhere again. I'll look for something more along the way I want to go, which is not at all customer focussed. I know in my head that this isn't what I want and I suspect it shows.

I'm tired. I really do have a lot more to say but I can't think straight.
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I've not been updating recently, one might comment not at all in the past month. Mainly because whenever I feel like it, Jane's on the PC. Hmm. I say this here because I say it to her all the time, and perhaps some public comment may make more impact than private.

Anyhow. We're now in the house in Chester, we're moved and bar some minor difficulties with Chester City Council being unable to give me or Jane an answer that is actually correct to the question "When does our rubbish get picked up", we're now sorted. It's taken a month to get it sorted for gossake.

I am reluctantly attending the palace of weight-loss that is WeightWatchers with Jane. I'm not spectacularly happy about it mainly because I feel that spending a fiver a week on stuff that is basically common sense is a waste of money, however a 3.5lb loss in a week isn't to be sniffed at, though I do feel that most of that is down to bad planning by me on the 1st week - wearing heavy clothing and not having had a pee beforehand have to make a difference, right? :P

We're both getting on OK, murder yet to happen, though it's only been a month! :)

I have cancelled my WoW account, as I haven't played at all recently. Tonight is the first night I've had more than an hour or so worth of uninterrupted spod time. My evenings currently seem to be made up of making tea, then washing up and making lunch. Failing that it's going to Oswestry, as I appear to have been dragged into attending rehearsals for "Anything Goes" with Oswestery Musical Theatre Company - I may audition for a fairly small part.

Commuting to work is currently heavenly - I no longer have a random-time commute which could take 15 mins or could take 45. It's a dead-on 20minute journey pretty much every day. Twice in a month it's taken 25 to get to work because of an accident. As I expected but didn't hope for, nothing has happened with the potential opportunity at work, and several questions appear to have gone unanswered.


Questions? No? Good.
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We, that is Jane and I, have paid the deposit and first month's rent on the house, and we have located our preferred washing machine & sofa.

We uhhmed and ahhed about sofas and think we have finalised on an Ikea Ektorp (Leaby), Ektorp Sofa-bed (Leaby) or Backa (Kungsvik) sofa. Why? They're about £100-£200 cheaper than the nearest rivals, the two we liked most have a max 1 week lead time.

These aren't the "endgame" sofa, they're an interim which are nice in their own right, but aren't what we would choose if we had everything our own way.

Washing machines, around £250 from Currys, for a model with a timer on it. If we're on an economy 7 tarrif anyhow, it's worth it. If we're not, it's not. Must investigate.

Next weekend we're going to view the property again to measure up and try and organise where things will be put and whatnot.
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