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Jane's at work, I'm on holiday. Whenever this happens it generally means I tidy. Proper tidy, rather than just tinkering around the edges which is normal.

So today I have cleaned the kitchen, the living room, the back room (and was THAT a challenge? I couldn't even see the bed in there) and moved everything into the bedroom that should be in there. This now, however, means that everything we own is piled on the bed and needs arranging.

We need more storage, but have no place for it to go!

It's been a good day, lots of stuff achieved that I've meant to do for a while around the house. Getting behind things and under stuff and making sure that everything's got a place. I now have a list of things to do tomorrow after picking up the freshly altered suit from Shrewsbury.

Speaking of the suit, I've been looking at getting a new suit for ages. However the arrival of a fair amount of Quidco money, the funeral of my granddad (on Thursday - he died relatively peacefully last Saturday morning, I forgot to mention here) and a wedding to attend in August persuaded me to spend some cash on a half-decent one.

I went into Shrewsbury on Saturday afternoon to try and find one, but I couldn't find one that fits my lardy backside in the places I would normally look first. I could have ordered online but I needed guaranteed arrival by Tues (we're off to London on Weds). I found 38 Above in Shrewsbury whilst wandering and they had what I need in stock. And they were really nice in the shop. They do unfinished trousers (for the taller gentleman, presumably) so had to ship them to a tailor and would normally be delivered back to the shop on the Weds, but as I needed them sooner they offered to pick them up from the tailor on Tues for me! Yay! It's also no more expensive from there as it would be to get a good one delivered from various online sources.

I've also implemented a new backup plan on the new install of Jaunty Jackelope (which so far, I've been really impressed by).
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Well that was an hour of fail!

We turned up to CPWH and told them we wanted to sign up to TalkTalk and take the laptop. We were told that first of all it would cost us ~£15 more a month than we'd expected, because they couldn't sign us up for the unbundled Internet yet as it's not due to be done until tomorrow! I accepted that as it would only be a very very short-term increase in price.

They filled in the forms and tapped at the computer, during which process there was lots of "hmmm" and "what are you doing you stupid machine" and "hang on..." repeated under the breath. He assured us that there wasn't a problem and that they didn't do many of these deals in this store, it just wasn't working like it was supposed to!

After about 45 minutes of this, we left him to it, saying we'd come back later. When we came back he told us that they'd figured out what was wrong - they could not proceed without the MAC fro our existing provider. *sigh* If they'd told us this at the beginning we could have saved an hour of faffing.

I'm in two minds whether we should go back there to complete everything once we've got the MAC. Part of me thinks that the guy deserves a 2nd chance, because he really did try his hardest. Another part of me says that he looked incompetent and doesn't deserve anything.

So we don't have another laptop like we expected, and Jane doesn't get to install Ubuntu on the new machine like she wanted :(
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