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Jane and I have been talking since we moved into this house about having a house-warming. Well we eventually got round to arranging a date, which was this weekend gone. We invited 12 or so people, suspecting that probably half of them wouldn't be able to come. Our house is fairly small and having more people than that would make life uhh, interesting ;)

We were quite pleased with the response, with 8 or so people responding positively. However, come this week, guests were dropping like flies. We lost 2 couples to illness, another couple of people to double-bookings, and one to forgetfulness. So in the end, we had David and Dawn turn up about 1530, with Lou & Al here about 1600 but they had to duck out about 6. So the house was warmed by us, Dawn and David. I guess in hindsight, the 1st weekend of the school holidays was bound to be a bad weekend!

Ahh well, we had a good time :-) There was beer, Pimms, home made pizza, cheese, crackers, and quite spectacularly random music thanks to both Spotify and David. It was great to catch up with D&D - it's been a while since I saw either of them. I think we worked out that it was January at Rachel's birthday party.

This means that it's our turn to visit them next! Best get planning!
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Well, I call it a jolly... My employers are doing a course for the installers of the kit they make, to allow them to service the stuff in the field for hard disk issues, rather than doing what they have to right now and send them back. This is positive for us in 2 ways - firstly there's less work for the returns/repairs department who are really overrun right now. Besides, changing the disk is literally 5 minutes work. Second - it's good for the company's image. No longer will the kit need to be pulled out, sent back and be away for 3 weeks. In a high security environment this could be unacceptable.

Anyhow - the company want one of us to be on all of these courses, to answer questions and hobnob with the customers. We've got courses all over, including Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, London, Newcastle and Birmingham so fingers crossed I'll have a jolly lined up.

I'm planning on doing the Rugby World Cup next year. Tickets are relatively reasonably priced, unfortunately they're using Ticketmaster for their distribution which guarantees ludicrous booking and postage prices.

The quoted £47 for the cheapest two first round games played at Murrayfield isn't too bad, and they're still available. £88 for the two first round matches in Murrayfield, and one semi in Cardiff isn't horrific either, but they've got none of those left. Bah. Next available price... £139. That's starting to get a bit silly. Saying that - 3 first round + 1 semi, all in Cardiff is £177.

It might be best to wait until individual tickets begin to be sold in Autumn and see what makes most sense then. Only problems are that
  1. I will forget
  2. That means the remaining decently priced packages might sell out.
Oh well.

Thinking of [ profile] wandering_sag, who will shortly, if not even now, be heading homewards from her "short" trip across the world, without her promised stop-over in the UK. *sulks cheekily* Also thinking of [ profile] xanna, and hoping she's not worrying too much and just enjoying what she gets. She surely deserves it.

Oh, I made it through the first 3 chapters of The Penguin History of the USA and the tone has significantly improved. Either that or I'm concentrating more on it. Quite interesting. So exactly why did people think it was a good idea to up and colonise a new country? I'm sure I'll find out soon.

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After my half-day, which I used to register for all appropriate medical services locally (took my time, eh?), I popped into work early-ish, intending to spend some time reading my paper mail and sorting out any remaining sort-out things, and found only Siobhan there with a queue of 7 calls so jumped straight in. Turned out to be a good day - picked up on a tricky little error that our senior engineer hadn't picked up on, had a chat with Paul (group manager) about sports and found that he's a season ticket holder for Wigan Rugby Leage Club (boo hiss). We had a quick chat about league vs. union but both agreed that in the end it's all good - they let you drink on the terraces and everything. Not like your football fans who can't be trusted... He also said that if he had spare tickets at any time he'd let me use them, which I was most shocked at! The boss' boss is a nice bloke :)

Anyhow, they were showing the England/Trinidad+Tobago match somewhere where I couldn't see it (thanks be), and by the time I left work at 5:30pm, the car park was the emptiest I have ever seen it. I got home in record time. Under 30 minutes. Not a single jam anywhere. Wow, can England play at 5pm daily please?

Long, rambly entries. My speciality these days.
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