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Since my last update I've not been doing a huge amount of exciting things. Last weekend we went to Jane's parents' for the afternoon/evening and had tea there, it's been a while since we did that. It was remarkably stress-free, and their new car is shiny :)

I've been enjoying rehearsals for OMTC's next show, the director appears to have calmed down somewhat after a period of intense stressiness where he just shouted at everything and everyone, or so it felt. Now he's calmed down he's actually seeming to enjoy it, and the cast are too! I'm very happy with two of the numbers I'm doing - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and Suddenly Seymour. They've both come along brilliantly. The Song that Goes Like this isn't really all there - it's OK but some of the people in it really aren't comfortable with the music. We've only done a few run-throughs of it, and not much just music learning. It does miff me a little that they don't ask, however it's now a bit late!

Timeless to Me is just pure nastiness. The arrangement we're doing starts off low and goes even lower. The one that John Travolta does in the film is probably half an octave higher, I'm jealous of him!

Work is continuing along. My sideways move without anyone noticing has been continuing unabated. I'm possibly planning a trip to Scotland to help with the final sign-off on a large project (Kilmartin seems to ring a bell in my head, though I don't know why - having looked at where it is I can't imagine why anyone would build a cash counting centre there). I'm still annoyed at at our developers and product managers for doing things arse-about-face.

Home is home. Our landlord is still a bit ditzy and hasn't done some of the small things we brought up ages ago. I've decided that since we've told them and they agreed that something needed doing and would arrange something, it's no longer our responsibility. There's nothing major so I'm not fussed too much but it's still tedious.

Been playing some more with Quidco, now that they've decided to pay out the £120 from ages back I've forgiven them somewhat and am using them for a few things. Seems like a decent way to get a bit of cash back on things I would have bought anyway.
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This is the update to the ticket I raised with Quidco on the 3rd April 2007, 2 months after using their site for the first (and currently only) time:

Hi, We are pleased to announce that, as part of our strong and continued commitment to our members, we will are clearing out of our own pockets earnings enquiries that are still in "sent to merchant" status for the second half of 2006 and all of 2007. Your enquiry falls in this time and is now showing added in your earnings. Payment for this enquiry will be made in this months payment run. Kind regards, Quidco Member Support

Interesting way of phrasing things. I can't help but feel that there's got to be something that they're not telling us.

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Oh, my!

Quidco have eventually paid me for my disputed claim! £120 quid! Bonus :) I gave in with them after a few months chasing and threats of legal action, which I couldn't be arsed to actually follow throw with.

So that should get paid sometime in March. Looking forward to it :)

What should I do with it?
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It's about legalese, and I suspect this legalese is very poorly worded.

When you complete a transaction through the Quidco links you are eligible for the cash back amount specified on the relevant article. Although we do our best to make sure that the depicted cash back amounts are accurate Quidco can not guarantee that they will be accurate at the time of your transaction. Cashback will only be tracked when a member is logged into their account and follows the merchant link from the Quidco site.

All transactions are with the individual merchants and not with Quidco. Quidco has no responsibility or obligation for the merchant transaction.

All transactions are electronically traced through a third-party network and reported back to Quidco by the merchant and network. Quidco will make every effort to make sure the network and merchant report accurate transactions, however Quidco will not be held responsible for errors in transaction tracking or any form of failed tracking. If there is an error in tracking your transaction, Quidco will attempt to recover your cashback directly from the relevant merchant but the merchant's decision is final.

There's several reasons I suspect this.

Firstly is para. 1 - if they advertise something are they not legally bound to provide it, or a service equivalent to it? They're saying that they advertise it as an '£x if you buy from this merchant' sweetener, but don't actually promise that you'll get £x.

Para 2: As a middle man, isn't there some inherent liability? But then again, look at eBay as a perfect example of a middle man who has no liability to anyone.

Para 3: Just sloppy. Again saying "we promise nothing". A promised service may not be delivered.

Anyone got any comments?
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For the interested, I used to buy my car insurance this time. A promised £120 cashback never materialised. So I made a query through their website, and today I got a letter stating that they hadn't received proof of my 5yrs no claims. I was confused by this as I don't remember ever being asked for it before! I'm sure I heard in the past that insurance companies have a big database of these things that they share amongst themselves.

Anyhow... I checked my paperwork and indeed there is a small section which I missed that says to send in proof from your previous insurance provider! Eh? Weird indeed. Unfortunately I have only in the last 2-3 days thrown out my paperwork from MoreThan because well, I kept it for a month after it expired, what possible use could it have?

Have had to call MoreThan and ask them to send me a letter... Ho Hum. Well that should come by the middle of next week and I'll then be able to fax it to Lloyds and they can give me my cash! £120 is a lot of cash :)
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I've just used Quidco for the first time, and it's a whopper! I should get £120 cashback for buying Lloyds car insurance, which cost £315. Not a bad ratio, if I say so myself. I've just got to hope that it works right... their box that says "Statistics Unavailable" isn't comforting but...

My car is back. £188 later. So I have spent £500 on my car in 2hours... funfunfun. At least I can get to work without having to take "the damned bus that doesn't run at any convenient time for anybody" any more. It worked out quite well, Green Flag came and took it away at about half-eight, and the garage returned it to me at about half-five.

I might go to the cinema tonight. Haven't been in ages.
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My car insurance was £450-odd last year. Renewal came through today - just short of £600! gives me an absolute cheapest quote of £310, and I've got some digging to do yet, though I don't see it getting any cheaper.

I called MoreThan and questioned the renewal price, and was offered a £50 discount if I took up the offer of a protected no-claims-discount, which would add around £50 to the quote.

The rep did say, however, that it was perfectly acceptable to go online and quote myself as a new customer. I did this through and it quoted me a price about £40 cheaper than my renewal (10% online discount?). Sod that, I could get it for £200 less... Even if it is with Quinn Direct, who I have never ever heard of!

Oooo, quidco seem to have some good offers - £120 cashback on Lloyds TSB - and they quote me just under £400. Hmmmmm.
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