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We showed Jane's parents the new place, they seem to be happy enough. I'd be miffed if they didn't at least pretend as we're very happy. We discussed sofas and have decided firmly on the one that we want this time, and have decided for certain that we're not going for a sofa-bed - the extra cost doesn't justify it IMO.

We discovered that the lovely landlady is nice, and she has bought curtains and a washing machine for the house, both of which we thought we'd end up paying for. This is a good thing, saving £300+ in the short term. We only need a drier and sofa now.

I'm currently on hold to T-Mobile, as I think I need to argue out an upgrade with them. They think I can upgrade in November, despite me agreeing to no 18mth commitment when I upgraded last April. I'm prepared to make a fuss today - really need a new phone, mine's becoming unreliable.

Success. Knowing one's rights and the processes makes life so much easier. I have a new Sony Ericsson flippy phone being delivered in the next couple of days.
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Woke: 9am
First cuppa: 9.05am
Out the house: 9.30am
Car at garage for MOT test: 9.50am (I wasn't sure where it was and stopped to check google maps on my MDA a few times)
Car should be done by: 11am
House: State
Tidying: Ehhhhhhhhh, maybe
Letters received today: Confirmation of claim sent to Barclays from Northampton County Court, letter from Helen Southworth, MP for Warrington South and T-Mobile bill for £13. Gotta love cheap line rental.

People sometimes ask why I don't change mobile providers, and that's the reason - on what other network could I have Flext £25 and Web 'n' Walk 200 for less than £15/mo?

Calls made: T-Mobile. Trying to sign up to My T-Mobile for my second phone number for the 3rd or 4th time and it's failed every time.
Plans: Pick up and pay for car, try and tidy up a bit before Michelle comes. It's embarassing the mess in certain places round here.
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I just called my own phone using Skype, just to test something.

My Voicemail greeting is gone.

I just called my voicemail from my handset, and automcatically entered my PIN when it connected, but when I listened to the message found that actually, it didn't ask for my PIN.

I checked my mailbox for messages saved, and there were none, despite having saved several rather important ones.

I'm rather annoyed right now.

Someone at T-Mobile appears to have deleted my mailbox, and re-created a new one, in the process destroying all my messages.

I'm going to have to go a little mad on someone's ass tomorrow.
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I can only find one reference to it online:

Go there. Eat their food. Don't buy the wine because it's horrendously expensive but the food at £13 for a main course is reasonable and tastes amazing.

Interview with T-Mobile today which I feel went OK. I don't know whether I'm "I got it" confident or whether I'm just being nervous. But then again every time I feel good about interviews, I don't get the jobs! Maybe it's a good sign :)

Orange tomorrow. Leaving here at 0630 to arrive at Bristol for 0930. Probably going to get there early but I know from experience how bad the traffic is at the M4/M5 junction around that time of day, better early than late.

I've been hungover all day. Ouch. More later. Sleep now.
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