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I can't remember if I posted about this before. About 2 months ago I had the joy of my first filling. Ohhh that was not a pleasant experience. And I had to pay for it. And to top it all off, I now experience more discomfort than I ever did before I had the work done.

Tomorrow I am going back for more. I don't know what the plan is, to be honest and I don't know if I want to. I like to think these things are easier when you don't know what's going to happen. I shall complain bitterly about the increase in discomfort too, if I remember at the time.

At least I get the day off work. And I shall go back to the gym for the first time in a month or so. I've been trying to go, but getting back into the habit of going in the mornings before work has proved increasingly difficult over the past month, due to the darkened mornings and weird things I've been dealing with at work that have required a fair amount of extra time which I just can not put in during the evenings - I'm busy at least 3 evenings a week.

I fully expect that I will be feeling very sorry for myself on Friday.

At least that weird-ass work problem's sorted now, a problem that's been rumbling on for about 11 weeks we got sorted recently. I say that, it's not quite true. The customer told us that they wanted one thing, which we sorted relatively quickly. Then when we got that resolved on site, they decided to change the spec to something else which has been at least 3 other problems mixed in together.
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Friday the 24th, 11am. I now have to spend as much time as possible rereading my O'Reilly TCP/IP book, exploring their website and boning up on competitors.

Planning on gym tonight, feeling a little rough round the edges though. Didn't sleep properly last night so am shattered now.

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I have two goals - which I am aiming to achieve and they're not too difficult, but I've not been able to do it for the past 2 months. I wanted to, but I couldn't.

Goal 1... I'm going to cut out the coffee. Two reasons... a:) It costs 10p/cup at work these days. Cheapskates. They even replaced the water coolers with bottles to ones that run off tap water. b:) It really isn't good to drink as much coffee as I have been. I blame it for a lot of the crappiness I've been feeling for the past month or two. Mixed in with this goal, is drink more water. Aiming for at least 2 litres a day at work. Considering that I don't tend to drink anything before I go, or when I come home, I should deal with this too.

Goal 2... Go to gym at least twice a week. I'm aiming for Mondays and Wednesdays. Would love to say Friday or Saturday or Sunday as well but in general I'm at Jane's or she's at mine. If she's coming here, it's easy enough as I go before she gets here, but normally I spend most of my Friday MSing, so spend the early evening filling in reports. If I'm at hers, not possible...

Simple goals. Not even considering food related goals, as quite frankly, everybody really knows what they should be eating - it's just a case of doing it. I'm not going to set goals for this because I'm usually utterly incapable of hitting the targets I set for myself. I have a total lack of willpower when it comes to eating.

So - 2 easy goals. Easy to achieve? We'll see.
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I've run out of tonic water. A sin, I realise. The gin is in the freezer, the ice cubes are ready, and I have lemon a plenty. Yet I can't have a gin and tonic. Bah, and humbug. Anybody in the area got any I could nick? :)

Tonight has been busy, with gym and paperwork being done.

It's bloody cold, and I'm going to bed to try and keep warm.
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I felt vaguely embarassed going to Living Well this evening. The problem is the longer it was, the worse I felt. The worse I felt the less I wanted to go. Forever circular, round and round I went. Swimming, sauna and steam room later. Yum.

Chicken cooked and yummy sandwich made. Soup made from remainders. Time for whisky. Want beer.
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o/~ We're all off on a - weekend holiday.
No more working for a - day or two! o/~

Tonight - gym. Last night I was re-jigged by Fran at the gym and she showed me a lot of cool stuff. I'm going to start doing some of the stuff I was doing using the free weights, which will be uhhh - interesting. I'm going to be doing lots more resistance stuff than previously, and have a good target to work towards. She's certainly left me with a huge gap between what I can do now, and what I'm aiming for. This is 'a good thing'.

I'll head out after Malcolm in the Middle/Dave Gorman (flicking between the two). I've not heard his new thing yet, not sure if this is the first week or if I've missed any.

I'm trying my hardest to buy more stuff at Aldi on my way home. This is a good thing because there is so much stuff which is so cheap! As a simple example - a pack of salad and stuff for a caesar salad is £1.79 in Tesco, and 99p in Aldi. OK I don't get the cheese with it but that's a good thing - right? Chinese ready meals (of which I've only tried one but it's good) are dirt cheap, and although your choice isn't amazing, the quality's all good.

Mmm, tea good.
Mmmm, salad good.
Mmmmmm, chinese food good.
Mmmmmmmm, time off work astonishingly fabulous.

Tomorrow's going to be fairly busy what with a Starbucks and 3 Pets at Home to do, and the reports are both nasty ones. Then off to Jane's, then off to the cinema to see HP:GoF in the evening. Am considering (though only considering) going to the cinema this evening at 0005 to see HP:GoF just so that I can tease Jane ;)
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I've been to the gym swimming but not to the cardio suite for a looooooong time. It's been over a month. The past month has been a tough one, which I didn't actually realise until a few days ago. Really difficult for me. Not quite sure how I managed to have a hard time without realising it but compared to how I felt a week ago, 2 weeks ago, I've been positively beaming today.

So - yeah, it all went OK, and Fran managed to prod and cajole me into getting a review/reassessment done, which is Wednesday evening's joyous task. Am now feeling slightly achey and tomorrow know will feel sore.

Tomorrow - Sprotborough and Worsborough in the morning, and Sheffield in the evening. Mmmmmm pizza. Looking forward to the pizza - haven't been to this chain in ages, and you get a really good spend, especially as a 'lone diner'!
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I'm not sure whether it's really that, but I noticed at the gym they've changed their shower gunk to a horrible blue coloured stuff, and ever since I came home from swimming the other day I've been itching on my arms like crazy. Nothing else has changed - using the same washing powder as for the past few months...

It's really sodding uncomfortable. Hoping that a bath tonight in non toxic-waste will take care of it.
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More swimming. Attempted to spend time reading but necessities got in the way. There's still time and bed is the place to try it. Though this will mean going to bed before midnight for the first time in months (while not ill/tempted).

Organised tax return. Think I have it sorted, mostly. Have added up pay from payslips, added up tax from payslips and put these numbers into the website. Annoyingly it claims I owe about £11 tax. This is without even looking at my Self Employed income (a whole £40) in the tax year. Not sure why, so will try to harass someone tomorrow about this. Only confusion comes with PPP - I think this is already accounted for in my tax code...

On a side note about this, it took me at least 5 attempts and 4 different totals before I was satisfied I had the right numbers. It's complicated slightly by having two employers in the tax year and two sets of payslips, but not much. I don't quite understand how I was adding up the same figures and coming out with different answers so many times.

Have started saving Post Office savings stamps. As of tomorrow I will have a whole £10 towards my next lot of car tax. Hurrah, or something. I just need to get more post office jobs! Oh, another fiver as of the 25th, yeeha.

Yes I'm sad, bored and skint enough to start adding these things up :)
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I don't read any more. I don't know when I stopped. It's not that I don't have the time - I do. I have more free time than I care to think about and spend so much of it doing nothing (watching TV, internet, half-asleep).

I started to read Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment a while back but it's fallen by the wayside. Not that I wasn't enjoying it - I was really liking it even though it was hard work. Maybe I should set aside a half-hour or so in an evening and use that for reading. Might give that a try tomorrow evening...

Made it to the gym this morning - OK I only did some swimming but still, it's all good, right? Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it again. Guess I'd best get to bed then.

[EDIT: And I still haven't found my blasted P60... I swear it's got to be here somewhere! Where the hell did I put it?]
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