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No idea when I last posted. Since then, I think I have:

Been to my parents. Jane and I spent the last weekend with my parents in Chippenham. It was nice. We went to Bath and revisited some old haunts, and remembered why I was actually fit then - I walked/cycled into town almost daily and believe me when I say we lived near the top of a very steep hill :) We went to Swindon, oooooo. Exciting stuff. Just nice to spend some time with the parents.

Uhhhm... relaxed. Since the last show finished I have been enjoying the time off. It's committee tomorrow but other than that, I've nothing to do, nowhere to be other than at home in the evenings. It's nice, yet feels oddly foreign.

Bought wine. Jane and I took full advantage of Sainsburys "Buy 6 bottles and get 25% off" offer, nom. Must drink it now.

Scanned a load of old photos that my parents got together from my granddad's. I would post a link but there's far too many pictures of naked children on there, you can guarantee someone would get the wrong idea :) Many of these photos are very old and the colours have faded terribly, leaving them red. Picasa's done an all-right job of fixing them up quickly, but I'm sure I could do better if I put some effort into it. Don't know how, though!

Ripped a whole pile of CDs. I've gone through my CDs and have decided to sell/give away a huge number of them. I've ripped these first, of course! Now need to make a decision on whether it's actually worthwhile selling them.
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I've arranged to possibly meet up at their new house in Chippenham on the weekend that we're down in Bristol. It would be good to see where they're going to be living, and where they're spending all their time at the moment, decorating and sorting.

I believe that they're leaving London for good on the 24th August, which I don't think I'll be able to take off as holiday as someone else is off on that day. I'm possibly planning to go down the weekend before and help out. Apparently they've already started packing, so there may not be much to do!

This weekend the Janey and I are off to a wedding of one of her friends in York. It's going to be a long day on Saturday, setting off from home fairly early and spending all day doing wedding celebration things. Then two weeks later, we're off to Bristol to spend a weekend there, with another wedding thrown in, this time at least it's only the reception, and we've managed to fit a weekend away around it. I'm looking forward to this weekend away quite a lot. We've not been anywhere for ages, and I spent 3yrs around Bath when I was 13-ish, so going back to the old stomping grounds will be an experience.

I'm sat here with a second glass of wine after having eaten my home made pizza, watching Babylon 5 series 1 again. Some of the acting in the first few episodes is truly ropey, but it rapidly improves and the storyline is top notch, mostly. Jane is at her parents', and I have no idea when or if she's coming back. I suspect she'll find me in bed, hogging the duvet.
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Though I went back to work on Thursday and Friday, and refused to talk on the phone. I suspect it was a good thing and that if I'd have taken calls I'd have ended up even worse.

I think I might make a counter-proposal at work regarding redundancies, something along the lines of working part time or changing hours or something related. I've also got another option, which is making the EMEA support job permanent and changing job titles. I don't know how to work it best, though I've got some time to think about it.

This weekend the good lady and myself went to Tesco and traded in our Clubcard points for vouchers to spend on wine. £25 worth of clubcard vouchers equals £50 worth of wine tokens. Oh my did we go on a spree... :) We've now got enough wine for ohhhh, at least a week! I don't think 12 bottles for £50 is too bad, considering that we got 4 bottles of cheap-ass-but-decent-enough Cuvee Prestige.

Been enjoying what I've seen so far of "The Secret Life of the Airport". It's possibly sad and geeky, but I really enjoyed "The Secret Life of the Motorway". Also been watching "James May on the Moon" which was fascinating and awe-inspiring.

Read-through of act II of The Secret Garden was amusing on Thursday. I vocalzoned myself up and just went for it, those things are disgusting but work miracles. The kid playing Mary was in stitches - she'd obviously not read through the script before-hand and found out that she has some rather uhhm, unpleasant things to say to the school-teacher. "I hope you get hit by a lorry and your head falls off" had her nearly rolling on the floor!

I can't decide if I'm looking forward to this show or not! I've not got a huge amount to do, but have some key dialogue and take part in 2 important songs. I think it could be an impressive show, but I think we are going to struggle with some of the bloke's bits. The story of amateur dramatics nationwide, apparently.
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